Bettyhill Church

Farr Free Church

The church building was built in the mid 1850's (about 1856). Prior to this the Farr Free Church School existed at what is now known as MacKenzie Crescent.This was a one classroom, one teacherschool teaching , reading, writing and arithmetic all in Gaelic. When the Education Act came in to force in the 1870's it ceased to be used as a school and became a public hall. The building was later demolished to make way for houses.


The Established Church at Clachan cemetery closed in the 1940's. These churches had been run by the lairds of the parish who appointed and paid the ministers. This building now houses Strathnaver museum.


Farr Free Church was independent of  the Tongue, Strathy and Halladale churches, each having their own minister. A high proportion of people in the area belonged to the 
Free Church and would attend both Sunday services. Various ministers served Farr including Rev. Mackay (Kirtomy), Rev. Maclean and Rev. Lindie. 

In the 1960's Rev Adamson came to Farr and during this time the church underwent major alterations. Rev. Adamson moved south in the 1970's and Farr was then covered by Rev. Roddy Murray in Tongue (Skerray) When Rev. Andrew Fraser moved here in 1984 he covered Tongue, Farr, Strathy and Halladale taking services in each location weekly with midweek meetings in all three congregations. Rev. Fraser moved to Assynt in 2004 and the parish was covered by supply preachers in the interim period.

In 2011 the congregation joined with Thurso Free Church becoming Thurso and North Coast Free Church and had Rev. Hugh Ferrier as their minister.