We Believe

Who we are and What we believe

As a congregation of the Free Church of Scotland, Thurso and North Coast Free Church belongs to the Presbyterian, Reformed, Evangelical family of churches.

We can define these terms as


Presbyterian; believing in Church government by Elders.

Reformed; based on the principles of the Reformation.

Evangelical; committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ.


This means that our Worship, Praise and Preaching is firmly based on our belief and commitment that the Bible is the true Word of God.


Our Mission Statement as a Congregation is that we aim to;

1. Grow in grace and knowledge of the Christian faith.

2. Develop Christian unity through friendship and cooperation with other local churches.

3. Share the Good News (the Gospel of Jesus) with those in our community.

4. Show concern for peoples' social needs.

5. Support the wider outreach of the Church both in Scotland and Internationally.

A full summary of Reformed Doctrine can be found in the Westminster Confession Of Faith


The Kirk Session is responsible for the worship services, pastoral care and any other decisions.There are also Finance Committees which have responsibility for the fabric of the Church buildings and property in Thurso and along the North Coast.

However every activity that we undertake requires the willing voluntary input of many members of our Church family.